Aquí Estamos is committed to sharing knowledge with the community on creating safe spaces of LGBTQIA+ people in the Rio Grande Valley. Our presentations are free of charge and available in English and Spanish. The following are some topic ideas we may present on:

  • LGBTQ immigration justice
  • LGBTQ 101 – Getting to know the terms and identities
  • Creating safe and inclusive spaces in the workplace and schools
  • LGBTQ Law – Know your rights
  • Basic queer sex-ed
  • Community organizing and activism
  • Intersectionality and why it is a core part of our mission
  • Starting LGBTQ/GSA clubs in high schools
  • Queer reporting – the do’s and dont’s when reporting on LGBTQ issues

If you are interested in having us present for your group, peers, students, co-workers, or at any other event, please contact us at