Call To Action: We must protect trans Texans, not criminalize


Rio Grande Valley, Texas – Aqui Estamos RGV condemns the decision of the officials of the city of Rockwall, Texas, to join in the latest attack against trans bodies. Their proposal is to create a city ordinance that will make it illegal for trans Texans to use public bathrooms that matches their gender identity.

While Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt is trying to mask this bigoted initiative as an attempt to “protect” the residents of Rockwall, he is joining politicians across the nation who are stripping trans individuals of their rights and encouraging harassment and attacks against them.

Pruitt and other proponents of similar bathroom bills being passed throughout the nation, such as in Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee, have all contributed to dangerous hatred against trans and gender non-conforming persons. We see this with increasing reports of police officers and other persons dictating who can use which bathrooms and harassing persons who are not adhering to conventional gender roles and norms.

It is a travesty to see attacks against trans individuals. What ordinances and laws like this do is further criminalize trans bodies and create dangerous hunts against persons who need protection.

Aquí Estamos stands in solidarity with the trans community of Rockwall. We urge the citizens of Rockwall to stand with trans persons on the right side of history and resist the passing of this ordinance. We urge the mayor and other officials of Rockwall to reconsider the passing of an ordinance that will only cause more harm and violence and protects nobody.

Call to Action to stand with trans Texans

If you support trans individuals and want to show your support, please join the campaign by Rio Grande Valley Trans Support Group and add this filter to your profile photo on any social network of the Trans Flag colors and the hashtag #IllGoWithYouTX.

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